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Rintu Rathod

has done her graduation in commercial designing and masters in journalism and mass communications. After working as a journalist and later as a designer, Rintu started her dessigner baking firm Rini bakes in 2011.

Rintu started the Food Army at the time of Kashmir floods. She wanted to do something for the flood victims. At the time of any crisis, army reaches first at the spot. They usually supply dry snacks to the victims. She thought, for how many days people can live on biscuits and other dry stuff? That's when she decided to make theplas and sending to the affected people. As theplas are long lasting and give you the satisfaction of eating home cooked meal. Her husband volunteerd to arrange for transportation. She decided to include her friends too. She asked her friends to make 25 theplas with prayer and Positivity. In just two days they managed to send 35000 theplas to Kashmir and that's how everything began.

Rintu lives in Mumbai with her husband, son and father in law. She is a painter, writer, Bharatnattyam dancer and an avid traveller. Loves adventure activities. She has her own business of designer cakes and has received many awards for her creations. She is best known as the creator of Chocolate Ganesha. Every year, during Ganesha festival she creates Ganesha idol out of Chocolate and does immersion in milk and distributes the resultant chocolate milk among the underprivileged kids as prasad.

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